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Fingerprint Content is an independent production company based in the UK, with hubs in the US, India and France.

Founded by Melanie Dicks, Jess Hines, Lia Walton, and former Secretary of State John Kerry, Fingerprint Content was created with a clear and urgent mission: to spark change in the way we portray social issues on the screen. We empower the world's most exciting storytellers to bring their deeply-held passions to life; exploring inequality, race and gender, the power of big business, and, most particularly, climate change, where we encounter all these issues. By engaging audiences with the compelling stories of this disruptive time, we aim to inspire, organise and focus the conversation across film, TV and digital platforms.

We are committed to ERA 50:50 and the equal representation of women, both in front of, and behind the lens.


We collaborate with bespoke A-list teams of bold creatives, communicators and strategists, unafraid to make complex subjects understandable.

Our diverse slate of scripted and non-scripted content spans feature films and documentaries, returning high-end television drama, and cutting-edge digital projects.

These are united by their strong authorial voice and point of view, and include a female-led heightened genre feature film set on Corfu, a short-form eco-crime detective series starring Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan, and an ambitious cli-fi conspiracy thriller television series.

The Eye

Feature Film Writer: Emily Carlton

Director: Daphne Schmon

Shooting in Greece, Spring 2021

Note: The Eye will be the first eco friendly production to be filmed in Greece using the environmental education platform Green Screen. The producers aim to make the production carbon neutral, the impacts they cannot reduce will be offset using UN Redd approved programmes through Greenshoot.


6 x 60 Returning Series

Writer: Jessica Riches

A genre-bending mix of conspiracy thriller and cli-fi, STRAND follows two sisters who become caught in a tangled web of political and scientific intrigue after the arrival of Probands creates a world-shattering discovery.

The Cornish Girl Trilogy

8 x 60 Returning Series

A sensuous, female-driven adaptation of Joanna Hines' award-winning trilogy of historical novels, exploring sexuality and agency in 17th century Cornwall.

Told through a modern lens, the series is a timely and expansive examination of national division, sexual repression, social inequality and female self-expression across two thrilling timelines.

The Rachel Carson Project

In early development

Untitled Denial Project

In development

7 Cities

Interactive short format

24 x 10

A revolutionary, high-octane, eco-crime thriller, set in the heart of Delhi starring Bollywood mega star, Amitabh Bachchan.




Our team benefits from decades of leadership and expertise in our respective fields, from the creative economy to constructive diplomacy.

From the very first Earth Day of the modern environmental movement to the Paris Climate Accord; from the global adoption of sustainable filming production practices to ground-breaking cultural impact campaigns, we have learned from hard-earned experience how to tell stories that create impact and inspire change.



With our partners at Greenshoot, we will work to reduce our environmental impact from script to screen. Through our networks and partners in Europe, India and the United States, we implement certified sustainability practices that guarantee every production is green.

Driven to create content that both entertains and educates, each production will also deliver legacy programmes within the communities we film, creating long term positive impact.

OUR Team


Melanie Dicks



Melanie is an award-winning producer, setting up and running three creative companies in a 30-year career, starting at the BBC drama department through to leading teams globally across the entire production process from script to screen. Working with talent including, Naomi Watts, Kevin Costner, David Schwimmer, Colin Firth, Thandie Newton and Stephen Frears. As well as working on numerous international features, Melanie produced BAFTA winner, The Dark Mile, also nominated for 'Best UK Feature' at Raindance.

In 2010 she co-founded Greenshoot, an award-winning sustainability consultancy, the first of its kind. Greenshoot has helped over 500 entertainment and content projects to reduce their environmental footprint, saving on carbon and cost. Melanie has written several international papers on sustainable development for the filming industries and been invited to represent the UK at international film festivals as an expert in the field of environmental sustainability and the arts.

Jess Hines



Jessica has worked in the film and broadcast industry in the UK and India for 20 years, working on films such as Lagaan and Slumdog Millionaire. She founded a content company that worked with India's film and sport megastars including Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan, creating branded licensable content for mobile and web.

Jessica is an expert in the overlap between politics, action and entertainment. She has led creative projects on climate change, renewable energy, air pollution and avoidable blindness in the UK, USA and India. Her passion is finding ways of using culture to create access to new audiences for example working with comedians to push climate change messaging into Republican audiences in Middle America on Funny or Die.

JLia Walton



Lia has worked with contemporary artists and musicians, iconic photographers, legendary filmmakers and ancient archives, all over the world. She has recently collaborated with John Kerry and other environmental activists in the formation of a groundbreaking NGO and the acquisition of literary properties that bring life to the urgency of our modern environmental challenge.

Over the last decade, Lia produced environmental film, photography, and IMAX projects in Africa, India and New York. She has produced advocacy projects about food/land justice and biodiversity, and major projects with veteran director, George Butler at White Mountain Films, about the existential threats to the world's last remaining Sundarbans Tigers. She co-founded Cloverleaf Pictures in New York and London, producing a slate of non-fiction features.

Alexandra MacEwan



Alexandra has worked in development across scripted and factual television, developing series picked up by major UK and US broadcasters. These include eco-documentary Volatile Earth (More 4/PBS), The Truth About Stress (BBC 1), Titanic: The New Evidence (Channel 4/Smithsonian) and The Joy Of Techs with Marcus Brigstocke and Alexis Conran (UKTV).

Prior to Fingerprint, Alexandra worked as a Development Executive at Seven Stories, All3Media. She is passionate about nurturing new voices and using entertainment to explore important issues.


Our name is a reflection of the fact that today, scientists painstakingly track the tiniest, most incremental changes on our planet and their measurements literally produce "fingerprints" which explain the cause of change, including that which comes from human activity. Film—indeed all art—is a reflection of the never ending struggle to understand the beauty, mystery and contradictions of life itself. It is the fingerprints of that journey that we will explore in the stories we will bring to the screen, hopefully impacting culture, inspiring and motivating engagement based on truth and common sense.

This is a new time and we will set out to help define and describe it. Globally, long-standing failures and grievances have been exposed to new scrutiny. The human condition is challenged in new and old ways, affecting every aspect of life and at an unprecedented pace. Age-old and new rivalries flourish. Disease and natural disaster, technology and progress and lack thereof challenge every aspect of life as we knew it. It is up to the storyteller to help shed light on and make sense of this often chaotic, uncertain and contested moment in history.

We founded Fingerprint Content with a motivating mission: to entertain for certain, but to do so through the most important stories of this turbulent time.

In a world where truth is battered and buffered on all sides and in an age where facts are under assault, our work is founded on a first principle: authenticity matters most. We won't reinvent reality; we will reveal it.

We won't tell our audiences what to believe or who to listen to; we will let the stories tell themselves through compelling characters who connect with our collective conscience.

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